Howwe Rome acne and pimple dark spots

Treatment relies upon on the grade…Acne or acne… Due to hormonal modifications..Oily pores and skin reasons it…Common in adolescent age…May occur in adults additionally.. Food like Oily meals, ice cream, chocolate and candies growth it.. Treatment relies upon at the grade of acne or zits..So, please ship pictures through direct on line consultation as it’s a need to to see which grade of pimples or zits for accurate analysis and treatment.
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health practitioner profile imageDr. Sharmila Nayak
Dermatologist 24 yrs exp Mumbai
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Hi, people with sensitive skin, pimples susceptible pores and skin or hormonal zits have to as a thumb rule avoid facials and waxing. A customized medi clean up in conjunction with a proper remedy regime will help manipulate or reduce your acne and pimples marks. It could be beneficial if we examine your pics and records to provide you specific recommendations. Meanwhile follow Clindamycin gel to your acne at night time.
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Consult online to manual you further
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Use a gentle anti bacterial face wash, sunscreen and avoid choosing on your zits
Answered 3 years ago
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doctor profile imageDr. J Prasad
Dermatologist 13 yrs exp Bangalore
Need info . Kindly consult online.
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health practitioner profile imageDr. Govind S Mittal
Dermatologist 12 yrs exp Bangalore
Hi. I ll want to peer snap shots to provide u a prescription. Kindly opt for an in depth online session. Warm regards , Dr Govind Suresh Mittal, Therapeia skin hair and ENT centre, Bengaluru.
Answered three years in the past
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